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technical analysis software market review

tecnical analysis software



Enables the beginners to get introduced to Technical Analysis in the shortest time.

There is an opportunity available now to use technical analysis systems for investors who trade in their time off.

The well-known Microsoft Excel turns to the most powerful analytical and trading tool.


New investors are using sophisticated systems that have been available for the pros only.

Market technical analysis is a research of the stock market crowd psychology.



The technical analysis software market

Market of software systems designed for stock price analysis has sharply expanded nowadays. That is attributed to the fact that every year millions of new users start buying and selling stocks through the Internet rather than through brokers as it was done before.

Prior to Internet times there used to be concepts of family doctor, family attorney, family broker. The Internet has greatly reduced the significance of family broker and millions of people have started independently investing their savings in stocks and some of them started seriously "gambling" on the stock markets every day.

MetaStock, SuperCharts, NeuroTrader, OmniTrade and others are the most popular ones on the market of technical analysis systems for casual users, referring to the number of sales.

The cost of such systems, intended for use by individual investors and small firms, varies within the range of $300 to $2,000. There are more expensive trading systems available as well that cost tens and hundreds of thousand dollars, but they have very few clients and make a small segment of the market.

Plenty of technical analysis systems are being used on the market.

Practically everybody still can win something on the stock market.

The AnalyzerXL is of a uniquely low price, but not because of the product's poor quality or limited capabilities.





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