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Technical analysis software. Tradestation in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Trading systems in Excel



Downloading quotes from Yahoo! direct into your sheet.

A library of more than 100 basic functions and experts used in technical analysis.

An additional tool for pilot testing of ideas prior to their application under expensive trading systems.


Technical analysis is an applied social psychology. Its purpose is to reveal crowd behavior trends and reversals in order to make justified trading solutions.

Remember: your aim is not quantity but quality of the games.


Trade station builder

The AnalyzerXL is an analytical constructor of tradestation in Microsoft Excel. Third name of the AnalyzerXL is the DeveloperXL.

The AnalyzerXL functions library supplements mathematical and statistical functions available with Microsoft Excel, and the application of AnalyzerXL functions is not different to application of any other Microsoft Excel's built-in functions. The attached function manager makes your work faster, easier and more efficient allowing to select functions and their parameters with just a few mouse clicks.

Key advantage of a tradestation built on spreadsheet basis is its high flexibility allowing to expedite the generation of various new trade systems and verify new investment ideas easily. This feature is attractive to professional analysts.

The AnalyzerXL system can be used by a corporate client as an additional tool for pilot testing of ideas prior to their application under expensive trading systems.

You can easily transform the AnalyzerXL into analytical designer. Just have a look how easily you can obtain an expert function in Microsoft Excel that signals to Sell or Buy.

For example: the AnalyzerXL has a RSI function. You may enter the following line into any cell of Microsoft Excel: =RSI (A4:A30) and obtain the value of this function for the specified range.

Upon entry of the following formula: =If (RSI (A4:A30) > 70, "Sell", " "), you can obtain an expert that signals to sell when RSI > 70 condition is met.

Function =If (RSI (A4:A30) > 70, "Sell", (If RSI (A4:A30) < 30, "Buy", "Hold")) is the expert that signals to Sell, Buy and Hold. Nothing prevents a user from setting more strict parameters for the expert, by readjusting the range of 30%-70% to 20%-80% or to set arbitrary ranges, subject to your assessment of the situation (bullish or bearish market): =If (RSI (A4:A30) > 80, "Sell", (If RSI (A4:A30) < 20, "Buy", "Hold")). Then it is very easy to multiply this function into other cells in Microsoft Excel.

Similarly to this procedure you can easily and promptly design your experts in Microsoft Excel on the basis of existing functions and/or their combinations.

For more efficient and rapid work instead of direct inserting functions calls into cell by hand you may use the AnalyzerXL's function manager.

You can use direct function's calls and insert calculated values into cell as well.

The AnalyzerXL is fully open system for the tradestations developers. Everyone who knows Visual Basic can easy on the base of the DeveloperXL to build his own indices, tradestation, new functions.

If you develop the tradestation under Visual Basic and your need to build high-speed and complex tradestation with help of the AnalyzerXL, you will not have any difficulties with a call the functions from AnalyzerXL to VB or VBA.

For example, will you look how it is easy to call Average Negative Change function from AnalyzerXL in the VBA Excel module:

Sub testANC()

     Dim r As Range, ANC As Single

     ANC = AvgNegChange(Range("Sheet1!A16:A25"), 10,1)

     MsgBox ANC

End Sub

Take attention that instead of semicolon you should use comma and instead of string variable Sheet1!A16:A25 you should use Range function with this string as the parameter inside.

In the Excel cell you call this function with the AnalyzerXL manager as follows:

= AvgNegChange(Sheet1!A16:A25;10;1)

The detailed process of creating a trade system is described in the Tutorial section.




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