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Technical analysis in Microsoft Excel. Download stock quotes

download stock quotes


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Library of basic indicators for Microsoft Excel.

Amazing enhancement of Excel capabilities!

The product suitable for professionals and novice investors alike.


Stock market game seems to be a simple affair. But that is a deceitful simplicity.

Have you noticed that illustrations of ideas in all technical analysis magazines are made under Microsoft Excel?

Winning isn't everything, but losing is nothing.



Here are the up-to-date listing of changes. We'll also place here the notices regarding product updates, scheduled releases, or problems and work-around that may affect all customers.

July, 09 2001:

AnalyzerXL 5.1 and DownloaderXL 5.1 are released. We added precompiled modules to download page for Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition users. 

June, 21 2001:

Bugs fixed:

- error message after incorrect month entering (DownloaderXL)

- corrections on lag checking

June, 09 2001:

New features:

- intraday data downloading

- macros manager: editing macro params

Bugs fixed:

- mandatory decimal symbol in downloaded data

- invalid sheet names while generating macro

- chart based on empty data

- intraday data downloading freezing

- intraday data downloading incorrect macro generation

February, 28:

New version the AnalyzerXL 5.0 is available

New features:

- AnalyzerXL is switched back to the trialware license. You can free try the AnalyzerXL for period of 30 days. Then you need to purchase the AnalyzerXL or to remove it.

- OptionsXL is options downloader for Microsoft Excel

- ordering, sending email to support directly from AnalyzerXL.

- the AnalyzerXL is divided into separate .xla modules.

Bugs fixed:

- compilation error during loading into Excel on NT and Windows 2000 and sometimes on Windows 9x. 

December, 15:

New version the AnalyzerXL 4.0 is available since December, 20.

New features:

- the AnalyzerXL is free now, but with banners show. You can remove banners if you register your copy in order section.

- the portfolio manager for Excel - PortfolioXL.

- new functions - Swing High/Low.

All registered users may download new versions without a charge. The access key will be send them on request to support@analyzerxl.com.


To do

Our company thanks all clients for their support and ideas. We are glad to invite all interested to take a participation in developing the AnalyzerXL and the DownloaderXL.

Here are our short time plans.

1. Detailed tutorial.

2. New sources of stock data.

3. Tradestations in Microsoft Excel bases on the AnalyzerXL.

4. OptionsXL help



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