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AnalyzerXL and DownloaderXL HOWTO

Q: What is the AnalyzerXL macros?

A: There are two types of Macros - Global and Local macros. Macros allows you to call the AnalyzerXL function in one key press (you should build macros and associate it with a key). You can use global macros on all your books and sheets, but you can not edit the global macros. You can use local macros only on one book (where it created) but you can edit it in Visual Basic IDE. (Alt+F11)

Q: How to create a macros?

A: Open the AnalyzerXL. Choose the function you want to calculate (you can build macros only for functions listed in Advanced calculation and Typical calculation), press the Next button, fill in parameters, press the Macros button, type the Name of Macros (you can not use spaces or any control characters for local macros) and choose the macros type. Press the Ok button, then the Add button, then the Close button. To build Macros press the Finish button.

Q: How to associate a shurtcut key with a Macro?

A: Open the Macros dialog (in Excel menu - Tools > Macro > Macros). Choose your macros and press the Options button, type the shortcut key you want, then the Ok button, then Cancel.

Q: How to edit local macros?

A: Press Alt+F11 to enter the Visual Basic. Double click on ThisWorkbook. Find your macros (sub YourMacrosName) and edit it.

Q: How to refresh stocks on all sheets and workbooks?

A: The DownloaderXL 3.0 supports only one-time refresh multiple stocks on one sheet only. We don't want include this feature (downloading all symbols on all open workbooks) because of long time of this process. Excel freezes for a while and it looks like your computer freezes. There is a technigure to download stocks on all sheets on one workbook. You can create a macro in Visual Basic and associate the macro with a shortcut key.

Here is the sample code:

     ' Refresh all sheets example code
     Sub RefreshAllSheets()
        Sheets("Sheet1").Select ' Select sheet Sheet1
        Application.Run "Example.xls!Sheet1.RefreshSheet" ' Refresh Sheet1
     'You can cut out Example.xls!
        Sheets("Sheet2").Select ' Select sheet Sheet2
        Application.Run "Example.xls!Sheet2.RefreshSheet" ' Refresh Sheet2
     ' ... etc

        Sheets("Sheet13").Select ' Select sheet Sheet13
        Application.Run "Example.xls!Sheet13.RefreshSheet" ' Refresh Sheet13
      End Sub

Q: How to use direction of calculation?

A: There are technical analysis functions with an array as data source (e.g. Moving Average). The Direction of calculation panel allows you to select the source data array. Thus for the From top to bottom direction and calling the Moving Average with the Lag equals 14 the results will be following. The first calculated value will be placed at the 14th position and it will be based on the array from 1st to 14th element. The second value will be placed at the 15th position and it will be based on the array from 2nd to 15th element.


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